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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Plan Commission

The Plan Commission consists of the Mayor, who is the presiding officer, an Alderperson appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council who serves for 1 year unless his or her office becomes vacant, the City Engineer, and 4 citizens:  3 appointed for 3-year terms, and 1 appointed for a 1-year term.

Powers and Duties: 

The City Plan Commission has such powers as is necessary to enable it to perform its functions and duties and promote municipal planning.  Such powers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Employ experts and a staff and to pay for their services, supplies, equipment, and such other expenses as is necessary and proper, not to exceed the appropriations and regulations made by the Common Council.

  • Make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the municipality to public officials, agencies, utilities, and other organizations and citizens.

  • Recommend public improvement programs and financing thereof to the Common Council or Mayor.

  • Request available information from any public official to be furnished within a reasonable time.

  • City Plan Commission and employees may enter upon any land in the performance of its functions, make examinations and surveys, and place and maintain necessary monuments and marks thereon.

The Plan Commission has the following functions and duties:

  • Make and adopt a Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the municipality.

  • Make and recommend an Official Map to the Common Council.

  • Prepare and recommend a Zoning District Plan and regulations to the Common Council.

  • Prepare and recommend land division regulations to the Common Council.

  • Make any changes to the Comprehensive Plan deemed necessary and recommend any changes or amendments to the Common Council deemed necessary or desirable concerning the Official Map and Official Map Ordinance, Zoning and Land Division provisions of the Unified Development Ordinance, and Fire Prevention Ordinances.

  • Consider and report or recommend on all matters referred to them including Special Use Permits.

  • Granting of variances to the land division and platting related aspects of the Unified Development Ordinance.

  • Hold public hearings and informational meetings on matters referred to the Plan Commission.  




Mayor John Nelson, Chair 4/2026 
Alderwoman Courtney Day 1 Year/4-15-25
Kevin Haley 3 Years/4-30-26
Patrick Leon 3 Years/4-30-25
Michael Shawgo 3 Years/4-30-27
Rebecca Specht 1 Year/4-30-25
Voting Member: Glen Morrow, City Engineer  
Staff Support: Jesse Wesolowski, City Attorney  
Staff Support: Planning Staff  



Meeting Date: Thursdays of the same week as Council Meetings (twice monthly)

Meeting Time: 6 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Common Council Chambers
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road

Please direct agenda questions to:
Planning Department


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