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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Elected Officials

Boards & Comissions

Architectural Review Board

Establishment of the Architectural Review Board is for the purpose of promoting compatible development, aesthetics, stability, or property values, and to prevent impairment or depreciation of existing developments.

Board of Health

The Board of Health takes such measures and makes such rules and regulations as are most effectual for the preservation of the public health.

Board of Public Works

In general, the Board of Public Works, under the direction of the Common Council, superintends all public works and keeps the streets, alleys, sewers, and public works and places in repair.

Board of Review

The Board of Review is responsible for correcting any assessment errors. It conducts its hearings in a manner similar to a court.

Board of Water Commissioners

The Board of Water Commissioners has complete charge of construction, extension, improvement, operation and maintenance of the Water Utility, subject to the powers and jurisdiction fixed by law and the ordinances of the City and the rules of the Public Service Commission.

Civic Celebrations Commission

The Civic Celebrations Commission promotes and organizes the 4th of July parade, fireworks, and other 4th of July activities, and promotes and organizes such other municipal celebrations as directed by the Common Council for the purposes of fostering civic pride and enhancing the quality and enjoyment of life within the community.

Civil Service Sub-Committee

The Civil Service Sub-Committee is a sub-committee of the Personnel Committee that meets to certify applicant eligibility lists for open job positions within the City of Franklin.

Committee of the Whole

The Common Council regularly meets as a Committee of the Whole on the first Monday of each month.

Community Development Authority

The Community Development Authority is authorized to transact business and exercise any and all powers, duties, and functions set out in Sections 66.40 and 66.431 of the Wisconsin Statutes for housing and redevelopment authorities.

Economic Development Commission

The purpose of the Economic Development Commission is to promote and enhance the City of Franklin; to actively pursue, within the goals and guidelines of the Common Council, commercial and industrial business development/investment for relocation into the City of Franklin to achieve a balanced tax base; to work with the business community in the retention and expansion of the businesses already within the City; and to promote the City in various manners as an excellent place to live and do business.

Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission makes recommendations regarding environmental issues of concern to the City, promotes interest in obtaining grants, promotes citizen participation in events concerning environmental issues.

Fair Commission

The Fair Commission regulates and designates a site or sites in the City to conduct fairs, and the Commission enacts all rules and regulations for the proper control of such fairs; subject, however, to the approval by the Common Council.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee recommends to the Common Council for all projects referred to them by the Common Council pertaining to finance impact studies and methods of financing.

Fire & Police Commission

The Fire & Police Commission appoints the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department. The Chiefs appoint subordinates who are subject to approval by the Commission. The Commission adopts, and may repeal or modify, rules calculated to secure the best service in the Departments.

Joint Review Board

Any City that seeks to create a tax incremental district or amend a project plan shall convene a Joint Review Board to review the proposal.

Library Board

The Library Board has the powers and duties as prescribed under §43.58 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

License Committee

The License Committee reviews applications for business licenses in the City and submits its recommendations to the Common Council.

Parks Commission

The Parks Commission has charge and supervision of all City parks and recreation programs, subject to Mayor and Common Council supervision, and makes reports and recommendations, including budgetary items, to the Mayor and Common Council.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee advises the Common Council on matters relating to personnel policies and practices, compensation and benefits, labor relations and collective bargaining, employee relations, staffing and organizational structure.

Plan Commission

The City Plan Commission has such powers as is necessary to enable it to perform its functions and duties and promote municipal planning.

Quarry Monitoring Committee

The Quarry Monitoring Committee undertakes actions reasonably necessary to assist the City in reviewing the monitoring of the operations and activities of the quarry operators for compliance with the regulations set forth under Planned Development District No. 23 and Planned Development District No. 24.

Technology Commission

The Technology Commission promotes the City's technical and information infrastructure by evaluating, monitoring, and recommending to the Common Council upon the use of technologies by City employees and those regulated by the City for its residents.

Tourism Commission

The Tourism Commission utilizes revenue appropriated from local room tax collections for tourism promotion and tourism development within the City as required by Wisconsin State Statute 66.0615.