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Quarry Monitoring Committee

The Quarry Monitoring Committee consists of 5 members, 2 of who are Aldermen and 3 of who are citizens.  Members are appointed as follows:  the Aldermen members and 1 citizen member are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council and each of the other 2 citizen members are separately appointed by the two Aldermen within whose districts the quarry is located, each of the two Aldermen separately appointing 1 citizen, which appointments are confirmed by the Common Council.  At least one of the citizen members shall not be a member of any other City board, commission, or committee.  The initial appointment is as follows:  1 citizen member shall serve for 1 year; 1 citizen member shall serve for 2 years; and 1 citizen member shall serve for 3 years; the Aldermen members shall serve for 2 years and only during his or her tenure in office, from June 1, in the year of his or her appointment.  Thereafter, each citizen appointment shall be made for a term of 3 years, and each Aldermen appointment shall be for a term of 2 years.


The Committee shall undertake actions reasonably necessary to assist the City in reviewing the monitoring of the operations and activities of the quarry operators for compliance with the regulations set forth under Planned Development District No. 23 and Planned Development District No. 24, and matters related thereto, and shall review and provide comment and recommendation to the Common Council on performance and monitoring data, reports, and complaints related to quarry extraction operations and control procedures.

Common Council retains jurisdiction. The Committee shall be subject to the authority of the Common Council. All determinations of the Committee shall be advisory only to the Common Council.

The Planning Department, operating under the general direction and supervision of the Mayor, shall provide staff support to the Quarry Monitoring Committee. 


Alderman Yousef Hasan 3 Years/4-20-26
Alderman Mike Barber 3 Years/4-14-25
Jon TenHaken (Mayor Appointment) 3 Years/5-31-25
Bryan Maersch (Dist. 5 Ald. Appointment) 3 Years/5-31-24
Edward Pings (Dist. 3 Ald. Appointment) 3 Years/5-31-23
Dina Swanson (Citizen Non-Voting Member) 3 Years/5-31-23
Staff Support: Regulo Martinez-Montilva, Principal Planner  



Meeting Date: Scheduled as Needed

Meeting Time: Varies

Meeting Location:
Council Chambers
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road

Please direct agenda questions to:
Regulo Martinez-Montilva,
Associate Planner


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