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Hale Park Highlands Potential Water Project 

On November 30, 2023, a neighborhood meeting was held for the Hale Park Highlands area to discuss a potential water project.  The presentation has been slightly modified to address some of the questions/comments at the meeting.  At the meeting, it was noted that the parcels highlighted in blue (slides 8, 9 & 10) would receive a survey in December for further analysis.  The decision has been made to NOT resurvey the blue hatched parcels (aka The Loop).  See modified presentation.

Poll Workers/Election Inspectors Needed 

The City of Franklin is looking for Chief Election Inspectors, Election Inspectors, Central Count Election Inspectors, and High School Poll Workers at all of our polling locations within the City. If interested in becoming an election worker, please submit an application.  For questions, please contact the City Clerk's office at 414-425-7500.

Analysis and Options for Future Fire and Emergency Medical Services in Southern Franklin

Franklin’s Fire Station #2 (9911 S. 60th Street) was opened in 2001 in order to provide fire protection and Emergency Medical Services to the Franklin Business Park, which was experiencing rapid growth at that time. Since 2021, fire department staffing has lagged relative to incoming economic development and emergency response call volume, and Station #2 remains the only fire station in Milwaukee County not consistently staffed to national standards of four personnel. When Franklin Fire Station #2 was constructed, it was assumed that a fourth fire station would be required to provide coverage to the southwest portion of Franklin if and when development occurred there. Significant residential development is ongoing in this area, which is not adequately served by existing fire station locations and current staffing levels. This PowerPoint provides an analysis of current and future fire department staffing and deployment options.

Volunteers Needed to Fill Vacancies on City Boards/Commissions/Committees

Are you interested in serving on a City Board or Commission/Committee?  View the list of vacancies that currently exist on the various City Boards and Commissions/Committees.  If interested in filling one of these vacancies, please submit a Volunteer Fact Sheet form.

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Current Job Openings: Library Shelver, Emergency Services Dispatcher, Chief Plumbing Inspector, Firefighter/Paramedic, Sewer & Water Technician, Police Patrol Officer (New), and Experienced Police Patrol Officer See details.

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