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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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GIS Property Viewer

The purpose of this interactive mapping website (the "GIS Property Viewer") is to allow users to access geographic information as it relates to the City of Franklin, Wisconsin.  The Property Viewer should work on most browsers including on mobile devices.  Please refer to the Quick Start Guide if you need help with the new layout and functionality.  Click the "Accept Disclaimer" link below to launch Property Viewer.  We encourage any comments or suggestions that you may have pertaining to the Property Viewer.  Please contact GIS Support for more information.

System Requirements

For the best user experience possible, it is recommended to have the following system requirements: 

  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Screen Resolution set at 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Web Browser:  Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari 3+ 


The maps and information provided by the City of Franklin’s Property Viewer are not legal instruments and are to be used for reference purposes only, not as a substitute for legally recorded maps, surveys, or other documents.  The City of Franklin assumes no liability for any damages or loss resulting from the use or misuse of the maps and information offered through this site.  The maps and information provided here may have been compiled from various state, county, municipal, and private sources, and are maintained by their sources for a wide variety of purposes.  Therefore, the City of Franklin cannot guarantee the quality, content, accuracy, completeness, or currency of the information transmitted by this site, and provides such information without expressed or implied warranties, subject to the terms and conditions stated in this Disclaimer and as otherwise provided for by law.  While the City of Franklin makes every attempt to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information, it shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies contained herein.  Each individual accesses and uses the information herein at their own risk.  If discrepancies are found, please contact GIS Support.  The City of Franklin reserves the right to change any content offered through this service without prior notice.  Use of the Property Viewer constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions in this Disclaimer.

Accept Disclaimer and Launch Property Viewer