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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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The Director of Administration serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the municipal corporation; leading, planning, organizing, and directing portions of the central administration of the City of Franklin toward the fulfillment of goals and policies determined by the Mayor and Common Council.  The Director coordinates the day-to-day administrative activities of the City, excluding the administrative functions of the City Clerk.  The Director has responsibility of overseeing the City's insurance program and serves as the Director of Human Resources.  As of 2012, the Director of Administration was given the responsibility of overseeing/supervising the Finance Department and assumed the lead role in the annual preparation of the Mayor's recommended budget and coordinating the Common Council's annual budget process.  


  • Attends Common Council meetings; provides staff support and attends Board and Commission meetings as necessary. 

  • Assumes the lead role in the annual preparation of the Mayor's recommended budget and coordinates the Common Council's annual budget process.

  • In conjunction with the Personnel Committee, and with support from the Human Resource Coordinator, is responsible for negotiation and administration of collectively bargained labor agreements (Fire, Police, & Teamster Associations) and recruitment of non-sworn personnel. 

  • Administration of the City's liability and property insurance. 

  • In coordination with the Human Resource Coordinator, administers human resources systems, including the City's workers' compensation and employee health insurance programs, and addressing all of the State instigated changes from Acts 10 and 32. 

  • Develops, recommends, and maintains Human Resource policies and procedures. 

  • Coordinates staff training and development as requested by Department Heads. 

  • Coordinates the development and publication of the City's newsletter

  • Represents the City in intergovernmental and legislative functions. 

  • Maintains and upgrades the City's website and cable television channel. 

  • Maintains the City's information technology and voice communications systems. 

  • Provides departmental staff support to the Personnel CommitteeFinance CommitteeFire & Police Commission, and Technology Commission

  • Coordinates the City's annual employee performance evaluation procedure.

  • Oversees the Assessor, Animal Control, Recreation, Municipal BuildingsFinanceInformation Services, and Inspection Services offices and staff.

Dept. of Administration

9229 W. Loomis Road
Franklin, WI  53132

Phone:  414-858-1100
Fax:  414-427-7627

Kelly Hersh, Director of Administration​​​​​​

Lisa Huening,
Admin. Project Assistant