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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Franklin, WI Fire Department Station No. 1

Franklin, WI Fire Department


The mission of the Franklin Fire Department is to save lives, prevent harm, and protect property by providing a skillful, professional, and compassionate response to any emergency.  We will strive to keep the community and each other safe.  We will act at all times with Courage, Honor, and Integrity


The Franklin Fire Department will be a model for efficient operation and effective response to all emergencies.

  • We will work within the community to protect and enhance the lives of our citizens and visitors.

  • We will work cooperatively with our partners in other agencies to improve emergency services on a local and regional basis.

  • We will employ industry best practices and strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.

  • We will lead by example and will be a source of pride and a force for positive change within the community.

Statement of Values:

We value Respect. We will at all times display respect for our customers, our peers, and for each other.

We value Innovation. We are professional problem-solvers; our creativity and ingenuity are the most important tools that we can wield.

We value Excellence, both collectively and individually, and will strive for it in all that we do.

We value Integrity. We recognize that our citizens are the reason for our existence, and that the trust the public places in us is hard-earned and easily lost. We will honor that trust by acting at all times with honesty and integrity.

We value Teamwork and Cooperation. Together we are stronger, smarter, better.