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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Rules: Outdoor Grills in Apartments & Condominiums

  1. First, check with your homeowner's association, property manager, or landlord as their rules and/or requirements may be stricter than that of Franklin's Fire Prevention Code.

  2. Use and/or storage of gas and charcoal grills of any size or capacity are prohibited on balconies.  Electric grills (i.e., "George Foreman" type grills) are allowed to be stored and used on balconies; however, they must be UL-listed, and designed for outdoor use.

  3. Charcoal and gas grills may be stored on ground-level patios and decks.  They must be moved to a minimum of ten (10) feet from any building, overhang, or combustible surface when in use.  Also, transporting compressed gas or propane through a residential living space is prohibited by state law.

  4. Use extreme caution when using charcoal lighter fluid.

  5. Please contact the Franklin Fire Department at 414-425-1420 with any other questions about grilling or outdoor burning restrictions.