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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Board of Public Works

The Board of Public Works consists of 1 Alderperson who serves during his/her tenure of office and 6 citizens, 2 appointed each year for 3-year terms.  The City Engineer provides technical and staff assistance to the Board and does not vote.

Powers and Duties: 

In general, the Board, under the direction of the Common Council, superintends all public works and keeps the streets, alleys, sewers, and public works and places in repair. 




Alderman Yousef Hasan 3 Years/4-20-26
David Woznicki 3 Years/4-30-25
Clarke Johnson 3 Years/4-30-26
Jonathan Webster 3 Years/4-30-26
Charles Porter 3 Years/4-30-25
Ken Skowronski II 3 Years/4-30-27
Jim Witt 3 Years/4-30-27
Staff Support: Glen Morrow, City Engineer  


Meeting Date: 2nd Tuesday of Month

Meeting Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Common Council Chambers
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road

Please direct agenda questions to:
Glen Morrow, City Engineer


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