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Fair Commission

The Fair Commission consists of 2 Alderpersons, a member of the Board of Health, and 8 citizens appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council.  The Alderpersons shall serve on the Commission for their respective terms of office as Alderperson.  The term of the Board of Health member shall be for the duration of his or her appointment to the Board of Health.  The term of the citizen members is for 3 years.  The term of not more than 3 members shall expire in any one calendar year.

Powers and Duties: 

The Fair Commission regulates and designates a site or sites in the City to conduct fairs, and the Commission enacts all rules and regulations for the proper control of such fairs; subject, however, to the approval by the Common Council.  The Fair Commission is authorized, in its discretion, to fix the annual rates and charges for permits to participate in any fair or fairs, but no such fees become effective until approved by the Common Council.  The Commission shall not incur any expenses without the majority vote of the members of the Common Council.




Alderman John Nelson 3 Years/4-18-23
Alderman Dan Mayer 3 Years/4-19-22
Romaine Denk 3 Years/4-30-21
David Lindner 3 Years/4-30-22
Kenneth Sweeney 3 Years/4-30-22
Rosemarie Bosch 3 Years/4-30-20
John Trudeau 3 Years/4-30-22
Teri Hammond 3 Years/4-30-21
Vacancy 3 Years/4-30-20
Angela Beyer, Sanitarian (Ex-Officio/Non-Voting)  
Staff Support: Sandra Wesolowski, City Clerk  


Meeting Date: Scheduled as needed.

Meeting Time: Varies

Meeting Location:
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road
Please direct agenda questions to:
Sandra L. Wesolowski, City Clerk

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