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Economic Development Commission

On July 1, 2014, the Franklin Common Council approved Ordinance No. 2014-2143 to amend Section 10-8 of the Municipal Code pertaining to the powers and duties and administrative rules and membership of the Forward Franklin Economic Development Committee and to rename the Committee the "Economic Development Commission". Section 10-8 of the Franklin Municipal Code now reads as follows:

The purpose of the Franklin Economic Development Commission is to promote and enhance the City of Franklin; to actively pursue, within the goals and guidelines of the Common Council of the City of Franklin, Wisconsin, commercial and industrial business development/investment for relocation into the City of Franklin to achieve a balanced tax base; to work with the business community in the retention and expansion of the businesses already within the City; and to promote the City in various manners as an excellent place to live and do business.

The Economic Development Commission is comprised of 7 members, 1 of which is an Alderperson.  A quorum of the Commission is a majority of the members appointed, confirmed, and then serving on the Commission, not counting or including any vacant position(s) in the majority calculation.  The members of the Commission are appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the Common Council, and serve without compensation.  The Common Council member serves during his/her term of elected office and the term of the Common Council member expires, without regard to the qualification of any successor, upon the expiration of the term of elected office during which the Common Council member is appointed, or earlier upon the vacancy of such office.  The initial terms of the remaining 6 members are as follows:  three (3) members shall serve for one (1) year; three (3) members shall serve for two (2) years, from July 1 in the year of their appointment.  Thereafter, each regular non-Aldermanic appointment shall be made for a term of two years.

Powers and Duties:

  • Assist the Common Council and the Community Development Authority to determine types and locations of commercial and manufacturing zoning throughout the City, for report and recommendation to the Plan Commission and Common Council, as the Common Council may determine appropriate or necessary from time to time.
  • Determine and target, with direction from the Common Council and input from City staff, specific industries, businesses and commercial developments for the various parcels zoned for such uses throughout the City and determine the economic impact of such developments compared to various other types of developments such as condominiums, single-family homes, apartments and the like. The economic evaluation should consider tax benefits and job growth, as well as the potential costs associated with various developments such as costs for roads, police and fire services, schools and other public facilities and services.
  • Act as a liaison to developers of commercial, industrial and retail business developments throughout the City. Assist and guide businesses and developers through the various procedures and departments.
  • Develop and implement a retention program to retain existing businesses in the City.
  • Develop and implement a plan to solicit businesses for relocation to the City.
  • Work with City departments to enhance services to the business community.
  • Determine local, state and federal tax incentives and other inducements for attracting quality businesses and developments.
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to include promotional materials, public relations efforts, surveys and the enhancement of the City's existing web site from a marketing perspective.

The Economic Development Commission shall be the successor to all rights, duties, interests and obligations of the Forward Franklin Economic Development Committee, as it was a successor to the prior Economic Development Commission and as they were successors to the Franklin Industrial Commission as may be set forth in all other actions, ordinances and resolutions of the City of Franklin adopted prior to the effective date of this Section (July 1, 2014) and all other agreements and documents executed and actions taken pursuant thereto, including, but not limited to Ordinance No. 85-864, creating Planned Development District No. 7, as amended, and the Franklin Industrial Park Deed Restrictions and Protective Covenants/Architectural Controls, as adopted and amended by Resolution No. 88-3189 and Resolution No. 90-3473, as amended.




Alderman Mike Barber 3 Years/4-14-25
Steve Bobowski 2 Years/6-30-26
Justin Lockridge 1 Year/6-30-25
Timothy Wachter 2 Years/6-30-26
Barbara Wesener 2 Years/6-30-26
Vacancy 1 Year/6-30-25
Vacancy 1 Year/6-30-25
John Regetz, Economic Development Director  



Meeting Date: 3rd Friday of Month

Meeting Time: 4 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Hearing Room
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road
Please direct agenda questions to:
John Regetz, Economic Development Director


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