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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Communicable Diseases

Wisconsin State Statute requires local health departments to provide the following services:

  • Surveillance, investigation, control, and prevention of communicable diseases
  • Other disease prevention
  • Health promotion
  • Public health nursing
  • Human health hazard control within the City of Franklin boundaries

Per Wisconsin Statute Chapter 252.03 (1), Local Health Departments shall promptly take all measures necessary to prevent, suppress, and control communicable diseases

Required Reporting

Most health care professionals, particularly those licensed through the Wisconsin State statutes under Chapters 441 or 448 are required to report confirmed or suspected cases of communicable diseases to their local health department per Wisconsin Aministrative Cde HS 145.04.

Additionally, Wisconsin State Satute 252.05 states that any person licensed, permitted, registered, or certified under Capter 441 or 448 knowing or having reason to know that a person treated or visited by him or her has a communicable disease, or having a communicable disease has died, shall report the appearance of the disease or death to the local health officer or health department. Persons required to report include:

  • Physicians

  • A person in charge of infection control at a health care institution

  • School nurses, school principals, and day care center directors

  • Laboratory directors