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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Design Standards & Construction Specifications

Updated July 2017 - The 2017 revisions to these Design Standards and Construction Specifications were prepared by City staff with input from consultant engineers with experiences in public works construction.  Changes since the 2007 edition are shown in bold type.  

At certain times and for certain matters, it may become necessary for an authorized representative of the City of Franklin to assume the responsibility and to have the right of authority of the City Engineer as it relates to a decision(s) described herein these Standards and Specifications. 

Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Surveying
Chapter 2 - Construction Plan Requirements and Design Standards
Chapter 3 - Roadways
Chapter 4 - Sanitary Sewer Collection System
Chapter 5 - Water Distribution System
Chapter 6 - Grading and Drainage
Chapter 7 - As-Built Record Drawings
Chapter 8 - Items Necessary for Development Approval
Chapter 9 - Improvements in Right-Of-Way
Chapter 10 - Materials of Construction


Appendix A - Sample Letter of Credit
Appendix B - Precon. Notification Checklist & Precon. Meeting Form
Appendix C - Water Utility Preconstruction Reminders
Appendix D - Construction Inspection Services Requirements
Appendix E - Acceptance Criteria for Completed Development & Certification &
Items to be Completed for Issuance of Building Permits

Appendix F - Sample Subdivision Development Agreement
Appendix G - Sample Water Main Easement / Rules & Reg. Governing Water Service
Appendix H - Sample Sanitary Sewer Easement
Appendix J - Sample Conservation Easement
Appendix K - Sample Natural Resource Protection Easement
Appendix M - Sample Storm Drainage Easement
Appendix N - Sample Storm Water Management Access Easement
Appendix O - Sample Temporary Grading Easement
Appendix P - Sample Temporary Turn Around Easement
Appendix Q - Sample Storm Water Facilities Maintenance Agreement
Appendix R - Standards for Lawn Sprinkler Systems
Appendix S - List of Figures

List of Figures

1.  Standard Plan Sheet Title Block
2.  Cross-Section for 60' Street with Bituminous Concrete Pavement
3.  Cross-Section for 80' Street with Bituminous Concrete Pavement
4.  Cross-Section for 60' Street with 7" Concrete Pavement
5.  Typical Section Tied Transverse Construction Joint for Concrete Pavement
6.  Tied Concrete Pavement - Alternate Details at Structures
7.  Typical Section - Mountable Curb & Gutter
7A. Curb Cut Opening Detail In Island
8.  Typical Section - 6" Vertical Face Concrete Curb & Gutter
9.  Minimum Typical Section-Private Dev. 6" Conc. Vertical Face Curb & Gutter
10.  Interim Pavement/Inlet Design
11.  Typical Flared Driveway Approach - Vertical Face Concrete Curb
12.  Typical Flared Driveway Approach - Mountable Concrete Curb
13.  Typical Flared Driveway Approach - Mountable Concrete Curb (on curve)
14.  Typical Flared Driveway Approach - Vertical Face Concrete Curb (on curve)
15.  Industrial & Commercial Drive Approach
16.  Storm Sewer Inlet with Drain Tile Detail
16A. Storm Sewer Inlet Detail with Drain Tile
16B. Rebuild Storm Sewer Inlet Detail with Drain Tile
17.  Example of Pond Outlet Control Manhole
18.  Dry Pond Trash Rack Designs for Outlets 24" Diameter or Less
19.  Drop Inlet Filter Fabric Barrier
20.  Silt Fence Installation
21.  Drain Tile Detail
22.  Standard Hydrant Setting
23.  Standard Tree Planting Detail
24.  Sanitary Sewer & Riser Detail Flexible to Flexible
25.  Island Plow Nose Detail
26.  Precast Outside Drop with Pipe on Precast Manhole
27.  Rip Rap Details
28.  Typical Rehab Sanitary Sewer Manhole Pavement External Seal
28-A.  Typical Sanitary Sewer Manhole Pavement External Seal
28-B.  Typical Off-Road Sanitary Sewer Manhole Pavement External Seal
29.  Curb Ramp with Cast Iron Detectable Warning Plates
30.  Ditch Enclosure Details Inlet Prior to Drive
31.  Sanitary Manhole Bench Detail
32.  Catch Basin In Driveway Cut
33.  Yard Inlet Detail
34.  Typical Retaining Wall Detail
35.  Typical Storm Water Management Retention Basin
36.  Typical Sanitary Sewer Cut In Lateral Connection
37.  Temporary Turnaround Cul-De-Sac
38.  Sanitary Main and Lateral Bedding and Backfill
39.  Water Main and Lateral Bedding and Backfill
40.  Utilities Vertical Separation

Engineering Department

9229 W. Loomis Road
Franklin, WI  53132

Phone:  414-425-7510
Fax:  414-425-3106

Hours:  M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Glen Morrow, P.E., City Engineer

Tyler Beinlich, P.E.,
Assistant City Engineer


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