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Standard Sex Offender Rules

The Standard Sex Offender Rules are developed and applied by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The Franklin Police Department has no authority or involvement in the development of these rules. Questions and violations should be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Division of Community Corrections at (608) 240-5830. Violations of rules are considered serious. Prompt response to all violations by sex offenders is an essential element of supervision. Violations, which may be considered minor for other types of offenders, are often serious for sex offenders. Seemingly insignificant violations may support or be closely related to the offender's pattern for sexually deviant behavior. For sex offenders, even "minor" rule violations may warrant revocation. Protection of the public and potential victims is the primary concern.

The Standard Sex Offender Rules may not be all inclusive to each individual sex offender. If there are other Standard Sex Offender Rules that apply, they are posted on the sex offender's profile page. Further, if the sex offender's supervision has been terminated, these Standard Sex Offender Rules do not apply.

Standard Sex Offender Rules

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