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The Franklin Police Department has an active Police Chaplain Program.  The program began in December of 1999 and has been growing ever since.  The current chaplain is Pastor Jonathan Misirian.

Believing that God is an answer to man and woman's dilemmas, the law enforcement chaplain bears witness to the love and power of God to law enforcement officers, their families, other members of the department, and the people they serve.  The police chaplains must represent to all the members of the department morality, justice, fidelity, and peace. 

This pastoral care is offered to all people, regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion.

The law enforcement chaplain should be led in his/her own faith and actions by God's reconciling love to be available and ready to serve those in need.  The chaplain's ministry provides a source of strength to the law enfrcement officers and their families, other department members, the community and the incarcerated.

The law enforcement chaplain is a catalyst of reconciliation, bringing God's love to the relationship of staff, law enforcement agency and community, and their families. 

Franklin Police Dept.

9455 W. Loomis Road
Franklin, WI  53132

Phone:  414-425-2522
Fax:  414-425-0391

Hours:  24 Hours/7 Days a Week
911 For Emergencies Only


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Police Chaplain:

Pastor Jonathan Misirian

City of Franklin Police Chaplain Program