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Franklin Offenders Currently Under Supervision

The Franklin Police Department and the Department of Corrections have instituted a new offender monitoring program in the City of Franklin.

In a collaborative effort, probation and parole agents and Franklin police officers are focusing on Franklin Offenders Currently Under Supervision (F.O.C.U.S.).

Probation and Parole agents are conducting agent-offender face-to-face meetings at the Franklin Police Department on a regualr basis.  One agent is handling all general offenders living in Franklin and one agent is handling all sex offenders living in Franklin.

The goal of the program is to hold Probation and Parolees strictly accountable to their agents and to the conditions of their release.  The offender meets with his or her agent at the Police Department.  The cooperative arrangement between the Police Department and the Department of Corrections enhances compliance to an offender's conditions of release.

This program includes officers accompanying agents on home visits and having officers assist agents in taking into custody offenders found to be in violation of their conditions of release.  The F.O.C.U.S. program allows officers to become familiar with offenders living in their patrol area and to be more alert to activities that are prohibited.

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