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Quarry Complaint Procedures

Printable PDF Version of Quarry Complaint Procedures

Important Note:

If you submit a Quarry Event/Complaint Form and do not check the box requesting confidentiality, the quarry operator may send a representative to your property to discuss your complaint in greater detail, to review your property for potential damage, or to be present during a quarry blast. Please be aware that the City will not send a City, state, or quarry representative to your property unless (1) the property owner requests a visit and (2) there is a mutual agreement that a site visit is warranted. If you have concerns about someone claiming to be from one of these agencies, please contact the City of Franklin Planning Department (414-425-4024) or the City of Franklin Department of Administration (414-858-1100).

Payne & Dolan, Inc. (formerly known as Franklin Aggregates) is the quarry operator for the purpose of this complaint procedure. A Quarry Event/Complaint Form, which is available online and at the City Clerk’s Office, is the form that is used to file a complaint about quarry operations or activity. City policy does not allow the release of the name of the person filing the complaint (complainant) to the general public or to the quarries without authorization (see check box on form). However, complaint forms submitted without a name and contact information or using “anonymous” will not be processed. Your name and contact information is important for complaint investigation and validity.

Fill out an online Quarry Complaint using the Quarry Event/Complaint Form.
PLEASE NOTE:  A complainant's name and identification information on a complaint form may be released in response to an open records request for complaint(s).

The Department of Administration receives each Quarry Event/Complaint Form (quarry complaint) and forwards it to the Planning Department. A copy is forwarded to the quarry operator (Payne & Dolan); however, the name and identifying information of the complainant is eliminated if the complainant requests confidentiality, as provided for on the form. The Planning Department investigates the complaint, generally focusing on potential violations of the municipal code or state statutes. Complaints regarding immediate public health and safety matters receive priority consideration. Other complaints are processed as time, workload, and priorities permit.

Payne & Dolan, the quarry operator, encourages persons with questions or complaints about the quarry to contact them, care of Mr. Mike Saddy, at 414-423-2550.

Please note that quarry complaints submitted through the City's general "Complaint Form" are transferred into the quarry complaint process described above. On the other hand, a complaint called in directly to the quarry is not logged into the City's complaint tracking system. Therefore, if you would like the City to look into your complaint as well, you must file a Quarry Event/Complaint Form as noted above.

You may contact the City of Franklin Department of Administration at 414-858-1100 for assistance with or questions regarding this form. For other questions related to quarry regulations, monitoring, or enforcement, please contact the City of Franklin Planning Department at 414-425-4024 or at

City of Franklin Regulations

The City of Franklin regulates Payne & Dolan, Inc. operations under agreed upon laws covered primarily within PDD 23 and PDD 24. Both PDDs apply because Payne & Dolan assumed the responsibilities of Vulcan after Payne & Dolan purchased Vulcan's share of the quarry.

State of Wisconsin Regulations

The State of Wisconsin, through the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Safety and Professional Services, regulates various aspects of quarry and mining operations throughout the state, including the quarry in Franklin.

While the state does not have a formal complaint process for the quarry, they do have a process to address potential violations of state permits or standards. Relevant State contacts are as follows:

  • air quality related questions, concerns, or complaints can be directed to Mr. Daniel Schramm, Section Chief at the Department of Natural Resources Division of Air, Waste and Remediation & Redevelopment, at 414-263-8620;

  • water quality related questions, concerns, or complaints can be directed to Ms. Jamie Lambert, Wastewater Specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Water, at 414-263-8485; and

  • blasting related questions, concerns, or complaints can be directed to Mr. Patrick Murphy, Mine Safety Specialist, at the Department of Safety and Professional Services, at 414-852-3648 (please be aware that the state level blasting limits are less strict than those contained within the City of Franklin’s Planned Development Districts for the Payne & Dolan quarry, and that the state does not typically monitor quarry blasting).

If, in the opinion of these state agencies, a violation of a state permit or standard may be involved, or other similarly significant problem may exist, they will contact the quarry operator to initiate an investigation of the situation. This may include site visits and other follow-up type activities. In the event that a violation or significant problem cannot be satisfactorily resolved, enforcement actions may be undertaken by the appropriate state agency.

Planning Department

9229 W. Loomis Road
Franklin, WI  53132

Phone:  414-425-4024
Fax:  414-427-7691

Hours:  M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Regulo Martinez-Montilva,
Principal Planner


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