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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2030

The City of Franklin Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan is a fundamental tool utilized in sound public park, open space, and recreational facilities planning practices and is a key element of community planning.  It is an element of, and amendment and addition to, the City's Comprehensive Master Plan.  It was first approved on April 4, 2011 and then an update was approved on January 6, 2015.  Below is the final updated Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2030 for the City of Franklin, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin as approved on January 6, 2015.

Common Council Resolution No. 2015-7051 Adopting the CORP Plan: 2030 on 1/6/2015

Plan Commission Resolution No. 2014-017 Recommending to the Common Counci Adoption of the CORP Plan: 2030

Parks Commission Resolution No. 2014-001 Recommending to the Common Council Adoption of the CORP Plan: 2030           

Complete Document (excluding maps - see maps below)


Map 4.1 - Existing Public Outdoor Recreation Sites: 2010
Map 4.2 - Existing Parks Serving as Community Parks and Minimum Service Radii
Map 4.3 - Existing Parks Serving as Neighborhood Parks & Minimum Service Radii
Map 4.4 - Existing Parks Serving as Mini Parks and Minimum Service Radii
Map 4.5 - Known Natural Areas in the City of Franklin: 2010
Map 5.1 - Areas Served/Not Served by Community, Neighborhood, or Mini Parks
Map 7.1 - Existing and Planned Public Outdoor Recreation Sites: 2010
Map 9.1 - City of Franklin Community Park Facilities Zones
Map 9.2 - City of Franklin Neighborhood Park Facilities Zones
Map 9.3 - City of Franklin Mini Park Facilities Zones