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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Development Process

Information is provided below to assist residents, business owners, potential developers, or other interested individuals in understanding and working through these processes.  Please contact the Planning Department at 414-425-4024 to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

If you are considering any kind of development in the City of Franklin, there are several items you should be aware of:

  1. APPLICATIONS are available as pdf documents or through the Planning Department.  Please note that the Planning Department requires that applicants schedule a pre-application meeting to sit down with City of Franklin staff to discuss the project and all materials that will be needed before the application can be provided.  Please note that applications will not be accepted without at least one pre-application meeting.  Please contact the Planning Department at 414-425-4024 to schedule a pre-application meeting.
  2. The current zoning of your property and the Comprehensive Master Plan will both be considered (among other factors) at your pre-application meeting and as your project moves through the review process.  You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with these documents:

Zoning Map - this will help you determine which zoning district your project is located in.  When in the GIS Property Viewer, click on the world globe icon and select "Map Layers", then check "Zoning Map".    

Comprehensive Master Plan - this is the general guide for development in the City of Franklin.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) - the regulations which must be followed for all development.  Additionally, please visit some of the more recent zoning district updates. 

  1. The City of Franklin requires a Stormwater Management Plan.  For additional information regarding Stormwater Management specifications, please contact the Engineering Department at 414-425-7510.
  2. The City of Franklin's Unified Development Ordinance identifies certain natural resource features and specifies a required degree of protection for each.  A Natural Resource Protection Plan will be required for your project if the site includes natural resource features.  At the pre-application meeting, Staff will address any questions that you may have regarding natural resource features and the preparation of a Natural Resource Protection Plan.