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Quarry Event/Complaint Form

Please Note: A prompt report to Payne & Dolan, Inc. can lead to more prompt action. Therefore, concerns and information regarding a specific quarry event can be reported directly to the quarry representative as soon as possible after the event by contacting the individual listed below. This step, however, is not required and/or if you prefer your complaint to remain confidential, you may use the Quarry Event/Complaint Form provided below to notify the City.

     Franklin Aggregates (Payne & Dolan, Inc.)
     Mr. Wes Hineline, Site Supervisor
     6211 W. Rawson Avenue   
     Franklin, WI 53132         (262) 423-0655

Note: If you report the issue/complaint directly to the quarry, please also consider notifying the City as provided for below so that the City has more complete records of all issues. 


See Quarry Complaint Procedures for more detailed information on the Quarry Event/Complaint Form.
Quarry FAQ's
PDF Format of Quarry Event/Complaint Form

To report an event at the quarry or to file a complaint regarding the quarry, complete the "Quarry Event/Complaint Form" below and submit it either online (by clicking "submit" below) or by printing and mailing it to the City Clerk's Office, City of Franklin, 9229 W. Loomis Road, Franklin, WI  53132, or faxing it to 414-425-6428. 

Please provide as much information as possible pertaining to the event being reported because specific information is often helpful in identifying and evaluating consistent problems or issues.  Please answer each question as best as you can; for example, providing estimates where specifics are not certain (such as time, location, etc.). 

PLEASE NOTE:  A complainant's name and identification information on a complaint form may be released in response to an open records request for complaint(s). 

Questions can be directed to the Planning Department at 414-425-4024




Email Address 

Nature of Complaint:

Blasting    Dust    Noise    Truck Traffic   Road Conditions    Odor   Other 


Date of Incident:   /  /  

Time: :  a.m.   p.m.

Address/Description of the location from where you observed the event: 

Address/Description of location of event if different from your location: 
(For example, you may simply indicate "quarry" or "south side of quarry" or name a street, etc.) 

Description of Event and/or the Suspected Source of the Event:

Conditions at Time of Event:  (Please answer as to the best of your recollection.  If unsure, leave blank) 

Approximate Temperature  oF

Approximate Wind Speed  (description or mph) from the  (approximate direction) 

      Mostly Sunny          Mostly Cloudy         Heavy Cloud Cover          Raining

      Snowing                 Foggy                    Other 

For Blasting Complaints:  The following questions are intended to gauge the relative intensity of the ground motion
                                          of the event.       
     Did you feel the blast?   No    Barely Felt     Clearly Felt     Strongly Felt

     Where were you when you felt it?   Outside    1st Floor     2nd Floor     Basement     In a Vehicle     



     Did you hear it? 





     Did it rattle windows? 





     Did it shake your house? 





     Did it cause any damage? 

   Yes    No    

Additional information or comments you wish to share about the blast. 

Event Report Distribution and Follow-up:

     1. Did you already contact the quarry directly regarding this specific event/complaint/issue?   Yes     No

     If you answered "Yes" to Question 1 above, skip to Question 4.  If you answered "No" to Question 1 above, continue to
     Question 2.

     2. Do you want your submission of this form to remain confidential?   Yes     No
         (NOTE:  The City forwards this report to the quarry operator with your name included unless you check "yes" to this
                   question (#2) about remaining confidential.)  

     3. If you answered "No" to the previous question, do you want a quarry representative to contact you?   Yes      No

     4. Do you want a City representative to contact you?   Yes      No 

Signature          Date    
                    (Type name if submitting online.)