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Administration and Organization

The Franklin Police Department provides law enforcement services to the community 24 hours per day, 7 days per week through the efforts of the department staff.  The Chief of Police, as department manager, is responsible for the leadership, supervision, direction, staff development, training, evaluation, and discipline of department personnel.  The Chief is empowered by State Statute and local ordinance to exercise authority in matters of police operations, and establishes rules/regulations and policies/procedures for the department. 

The Assistant Chief, as second in command of the department, serves as Operations Commander, which includes oversight of patrol services, special unit services, investigation services, and administration/communication services.  The Assistant Chief acts on behalf of the Chief of Police in the Chief's absence.  The Assistant Chief assists in the management of the department and is the immediate supervisor to the captains. 

The sworn staff is divided into 3 shifts, each led by a police captain who is responsible for the leadership, supervision, training, evaluation, and discipline of the supervisors and officers assigned to the shift.  In addition, each captain is responsible for an area of specialty within the department.  Areas of specialty include the Special Unit Services Division, Investigative Services Division, and the Administrative/Communication Services Division.

Seven (7) police sergeants report directly to the respective captains.  The sergeants are responsible for first-line supervision of 41 police officers and 6 detectives.  There are 2 police sergeants assigned to each shift in Patrol and 1 sergeant assigned to the supervision of the Investigative Services Bureau.  In addition, each sergeant has other responsibilities within the department.  These include first line supervision of the Field Training Officers, Emergency Response Unit (E.R.U.), Street Crimes Unit, Evidence/Property Room, Traffic Enforcement Unit (T.E.U.), Evidence Technicians, department detention/lockup facility, etc.

Police patrol officers provide 24-hour per day police services, which include protecting of life and property, preserving peace and good order of the community, and furnishing any other appropriate service that enhances the safe and orderly operation of the City.  As the patrol officers are the main source of routine squad, motorcycle, bicycle, and foot patrol, they respond to calls for service, conduct initial criminal investigations, investigate traffic accidents, etc.  In addition to their regularly assigned duties, they provide police canine (K-9) services, are members of the S.W.A.T. Team, and provide staffing for special events such as St. Martins Fair and July 4th celebrations.  Patrol officers also coordinate crime prevention programs, work in the Evidence/Property Room, and work as Adopt-A-School Officers.

A police captain oversees management of the Special Unit Services Division.  These services include the K-9 Unit, S.W.A.T. Team, department negotiators, Street Crimes Unit, Field Training Program, T.E.U., traffic accident investigators, Intoximeter and Preliminary Breath Testers maintenance, department detention/lockup facilities, and warrant services.

A police captain oversees management of the Investigative Services Bureau.  A sergeant handles the daily supervision of 6 detectives in the Investigative Services Bureau, 4 assigned to general criminal investigations, and 2 assigned to the youth services.  In addition to handling all criminal and juvenile investigations that are forwarded from patrol, the detectives also conduct employment background investigations for potential new City employees.  This captain also oversees the operation of the Evidence/Property Room, Bureau of Identification, and Community Services including the Crime Prevention Unit, and Department Chaplain.  This captain also serves as the department Public Information Officer. 

A police captain oversees management of the Administrative/Communication Services Division.  This captain deals with the operation and maintenance of department communications equipment, including radio systems, telephone equipment, 911 equipment, video cameras, and computer hardware.  In addition, this captain oversees daily administrative functions within the Police Department including equipment purchases and reporting crime statistics.  This captain oversees the operation of the Communications Bureau, Community Policing at the Wal-Mart Substation, the Bicycle Patrol Unit, Auxiliary Services, the department gun range, vehicle purchases and maintenance.  This captain also coordinates the department's participation with the Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.).

The 3 member administrative staff consisting of the Chief's administrative assistant, Municipal Court administrative assistant, and Deputy Police/Court administrative assistant handle all related duties for the Chief, Inspector, Captains, and Municipal Court.  Their duties include preparing, distributing, and filing confidential documents and correspondence; maintaining personnel, payroll, court, and other critical departmental files; transcription of official police and court reports, as well as handling confidential telephone calls.  They also assist with front window contacts when needed and available.  They also prepare documents for the District Attorney's Office, Clerk of Courts, Municipal Court, Police and Fire Commission, and social service agencies. 

A civilian communications supervisor supervises the Communication Bureau and is responsible for the leadership, supervision, training, and evaluation of 15 civilian dispatcher/clerks.  The dispatcher/clerks are also divided into 3 shifts and provide 24-hour emergency service communications for the City.  The dispatcher/clerks answer emergency and non-emergency telephone calls, operate the computer aided dispatch system (CAD), and dispatch appropriate police and fire units to calls for service.  The dispatcher/clerks are trained in State and National teletype system usage that permits access to the Department of Motor Vehicle records, Crime Information Bureau, and National Crime Information Center records, warrants/commitments, and criminal history checks.  In addition, they transcribe and file all police reports and provide front window service to citizens seeking information. 

The 3/4-time utility person assists with squad and equipment maintenance, replacement and transport to appropriate service departments.

Franklin Police Dept.

9455 W. Loomis Road
Franklin, WI  53132

Phone:  414-425-2522
Fax:  414-425-0391

Hours:  24 Hours/7 Days a Week
911 For Emergencies Only


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Franklin Police Department, Franklin, Wisconsin