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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2025

The City of Franklin Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan is a fundamental tool utilized in sound public park, open space, and recreational facilities planning practices and is a key element of community planning.  It is an element of, and amendment and addition to, the City's Comprehensive Master Plan.  Below is the final updated Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2025 for the City of Franklin, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin as approved on April 4, 2011 (document is shown as a complete document (does not include the maps) as well as shown broken out by chapters, maps, etc.)            

Complete Document (excluding maps - see maps below)



Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Population Projections and Forecasts

Chapter 3 - Public Park, Open Space, Outdoor Recreation, Trail, and Natural Resource Protection Principles, Goals, Objectives and Standards

Chapter 4 - Existing Park, Open Space, and Outdoor Recreation Sites, Facilities, Service Area Delineations, and Natural Areas

Chapter 5 - Public Sites and Facilities Needs Assessment: Analysis and Forecast of Future Park, Open Space, Outdoor Recreation, and Trail Needs

Chapter 6 - Identification of Existing Deficiencies in the Quantity or Quality of Existing City-Owned Outdoor Recreational Facilities to Serve New Development

Chapter 7 - Identification of New Public Park, Open Space, Trail, and Outdoor Recreation Sites and Facilities: The Outdoor Recreation Plan

Chapter 8 - Community Recreation Center Building Needs Analysis

Chapter 9 - Capital Cost Estimates and Impact Fees

Chapter 10 - Plan Implementation

Appendix A - Summary of Public Input

Appendix B - Resolutions & Ordinances


Map 4.1 - Existing Public Outdoor Recreation Sites: 2010
Map 4.2 - Existing Parks Serving as Community Parks and Minimum Service Radii
Map 4.3 - Existing Parks Serving as Neighborhood Parks & Minimum Service Radii
Map 4.4 - Existing Parks Serving as Mini Parks and Minimum Service Radii
Map 4.5 - Known Natural Areas in the City of Franklin: 2010
Map 5.1 - Areas Served/Not Served by Community, Neighborhood, or Mini Parks
Map 7.1 - Existing and Planned Public Outdoor Recreation Sites: 2010
Map 9.1 - City of Franklin Community Park Facilities Zones
Map 9.2 - City of Franklin Neighborhood Park Facilities Zones
Map 9.3 - City of Franklin Mini Park Facilities Zones