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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Sanitary Sewer

The Sanitary Sewer Division accounts for the activities of the sanitary sewer operations of the City.  The City is part of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), which provides interceptor sewers and treatment of the sanitary sewage generated in the City.  Sewer activities handled by City personnel include maintenance and cleaning of collection sewers and monitoring of the sanitary sewer system located within the City.

Sewer bills are based on water usage where water is provided from the Franklin Water Utility and are a flat charge for all single-family and two-family customers.


  • Cleans City sewers on an ongoing basis plus trouble spots.

  • Inspects City sewers for diagnostic purposes and possible replacement.

  • Locates sewer lines for construction and Digger's Hotline.  

  • Responds to sewer backup calls and customer questions and other related problems.

  • Maintains 5 sanitary lift stations including emergency equipment.

  • Televise mainline sewers and laterals to detect defects and set up rehab schedule.

  • Performs sewer rehab to include manholes, laterals, and mainline.


If you are experiencing a sewer backup, call the Franklin Water & Sewer Department at 414-421-2613 or 414-421-2581.  City crews will usually check the problem within an hour of your call.  If the City sewer line is plugged, they will open it at no cost to you.  If the City sewer line is open and flowing and the obstruction is in your lateral or home-plumbing, you will be notified to call a plumber to have it checked out and fixed at your cost.

Rain Barrels (Information provided by MMSD)

Rain Gardens (Information provided by MMSD)

Sewer & Water Dept.

5550 W. Airways Avenue
Franklin, WI  53132

Ph:  414-421-2613 or 414-421-2581
Fax:  414-421-1143

Hours: M-F, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Service/Emergency After Hours:
414-425-2522 (Police Dept.)

Franklin Water & Wastewater Department, Franklin, WI
Mike Roberts,
Supt. of Sewer & Water