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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Assessor's Function

The City Assessor is a State certified individual who is responsible for setting the value of all property within the City for the purposes of determining the taxable value of real and personal property, upon which is levied property taxes for all taxing jurisdictions.  The assessor is not involved in the billing or collection of property taxes.  Questions about property tax collection should be addressed to the Finance Department.  Main functions of the Assessor's Office include:  

  • Input and update information in the property database.

  • Inspect and review all properties that were issued permits for the current year and any partial assessments from the prior year and determine the appropriate property value assessment.

  • Provide assessment information to interested parties.

  • Keep an annual updated list of businesses for personal property reporting.

  • Prepare and submit Assessor's Final Report and TIF Valuation Report to the Department of Revenue.

  • Attend Board of Review as required by State Statutes. 

The Assessor performs limited scope revaluations of all property within the City every third year, utilizing statistical methods as well as property visits.  A revaluation is a complete and thorough review of all assessments.  During a revaluation, all assessments are examined and adjustments are made so that all property is assessed at market value.  This is done to assure that taxes are distributed equitably and uniformly.  Wisconsin law requires all municipalities to assess property at market value at least once every five years.  Wisconsin law requires that property assessments be based on fair market value.  Estimating the market value of your property is a matter of determining the price a typical buyer would pay for it in its present condition.  Some factors the Assessor considers in assigning property values include: what similar type properties are selling for, what it would cost to replace your property, the rent it may earn, and any other factors that effect value.  It is important to note that the Assessor does not create this value; rather, the Assessor interprets what is happening in the market place.