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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Why Choose Franklin?

Welcome to the City of Franklin, Wisconsin, where being open to business is an invitation to you and your company to join our growing community of 36,816!

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  Franklin is Strategically Located.

Our City is only a 5 mile (10 minute) drive from Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Field International Airport and a 70 mile (90 minute) drive from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. We possess convenient access to these and other regional destinations through 3 Interstate Highways -- within 2½ miles of the City -- and a well established street system within the City that includes 2 U.S. Highways, 2 State Trunk Highways, and 3 County Trunk Highways.


  Franklin is a Business-Friendly Community.

From our TIF districts, commercial corridors, and substantial supply of vacant developable land, to our recently streamlined development review process and ongoing participation in local and regional economic development initiatives, our City understands the importance of providing opportunities for businesses to locate and grow here.  Two recent/ongoing examples include our cooperative planning with the neighboring City of Oak Creek on the South 27th Street corridor, and our participation in the regional effort to establish General Mitchell Field International Airport and its surroundings as an Aerotropolis.  See the Targeted Development Corridors Map.

  Franklin is a Full-Service Community.

Our City provides a full range of urban services including public sewer, water, and stormwater conveyance systems, as well as our own Police and Fire Departments. We contract with other agencies for such services as solid waste collection and disposal, wastewater treatment, and drinking water. Private parties or other agencies provide such services as electric power, natural gas, and telecommunications.

  Franklin is a Family-Friendly Community.

Franklin is strategically located between Milwaukee, Madison, & Chicago“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.” This saying, attributed to the City of Franklin’s namesake Benjamin Franklin, describes our philosophy that both the physical and cultural aspects of our City are important to our homes, our neighborhoods, and our community. For instance, not only do we provide a wide variety of safe and high-quality housing opportunities so our citizens can age in place, but we also provide a wonderful park and outdoor recreation system -- in close coordination with the Milwaukee County Parks System – so our citizens can socialize and exercise in a manner which strengthens our society. We are also home to three very good school districts:  The Franklin School District, Oak Creek/Franklin Joint School District, and the Whitnall School District.

  Franklin is a Growing Community.

From a population of 10,006 persons in 1960 – shortly after Franklin incorporated into a City – to 36,816 persons in 2022, our City is one of the fastest growing communities within Wisconsin. With 21 square miles, or about 61 percent of Franklin still undeveloped -- primarily within the southwestern quarter of the City -- we also have a lot of space for additional growth.  We envision that our City could ultimately reach a population of about 57,000 persons – sometime after 2035 – which would likely make Franklin the third or fourth largest community within Milwaukee County.

  Franklin is a Community of High Standards.

We are proud of so much within our community, our highly rated school system, our 3,900 acres of parks, open space and outdoor recreation system, our high level of police and fire protection, our comprehensive natural resource protection standards, our development and design standards, and not least of all, our citizen participation. From the various boards and commissions within City government, to the wide range of civic organizations throughout the City, the citizens of Franklin take an active role in our government and our community.

  Franklin is a Community of Contrasts.

Although we are a City -- with the full range of services typically associated with a city – Franklin is primarily suburban in character. While our City contains such urban uses as a Business Park, an Industrial Park, and four commercial corridors, it also includes farmlands, woodlands, and rural residential development. In general, our City can be described as urban within its northern and eastern limits, rural within its southern and western limits, and suburban in between.  We are proud to claim that these contrasts provide nearly limitless opportunities. Whether you are looking for a small infill development opportunity or to establish a large campus like atmosphere, whether you are looking for a developed site with a full compliment of services already provided or a vacant developable site where you can establish what you want, Franklin can likely provide it. 

Please browse our website, or contact our staff with any questions you may have. We will be happy to assist you.

Contact Information

For more information about the advantages of locating or expanding a business in Franklin, including site selection assistance for available sites and existing buildings, please contact:

John Regetz, Economic Development Director
Phone: 414-427-7566
Fax: 414-427-7691


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