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Kayla's Playground at Franklin Woods

City of Franklin playgrounds are OPEN, however, please read these precautions and guidelines. Social distancing guidelines must be followed.    


Kayla's Playground at Franklin Woods

Playground Features List 
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Kayla's Playground at Franklin Woods

Kayla's Playground at Franklin Woods was a mission of Kayla's Krew--the Krew that worked wholeheartedly with the City of Franklin to build an all-accessible, all-inclusive playground in Franklin to be inspiring and truly all-accessible for all children and families of any age and ability.  Their vision is "to enable all who have special needs to forget about the challenges that they are presented with daily while teaching others the value of friendship and compassion.  To foster life lessons that cannot be taught out of a textbook but rather experienced first hand and with the heart".  The passion and drive behind their mission and vision is to remember and honor the life of Kayla Runte, a special little girl who had cerebral palsy but whose long eyelashes and bright eyes expressed her every emotion without her ever speaking a word and taught life lessons to many, the young and the old.  Her spirit continues and will forever touch the lives of those who know her story.  Kayla's Krew's mission and vision for "Kayla's Playground" came to fruition as Kayla's Playground was built through a Community-Build September 22nd-27th, 2015 and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held October 9, 2015.  List of playground features at Kayla's Playground. 

The City of Franklin continues to accept donations for Kayla's Playground, either monetary or through the ordering of a custom picket for the fence that surrounds Kayla's Playground.  The minimum donation for a custom picket is $40.  All donations are tax exempt and deductible and will be retained and dedicated directly for the maintenance and enhancement of Kayla's Playground.

To Order a Custom Fence Picket for Kayla's Playground:

-The minimum donation is $40 per picket.
-By cash or check (made payable to the "City of Franklin"):  Fill out this form and bring it along with your cash or check to the Treasurer's Office at Franklin City Hall, 9229 W. Loomis Road, Franklin, WI 53132.  (Note:  Check and form can also be mailed to the Treasurer's Office at the same address.  Please do not send cash through the mail.) 

-By credit card:  Read the following instructions for placing a custom picket order via a credit card payment.  Instructions:  Your custom message can be a maximum of 17 characters which includes letters, numbers, and spaces.  A heart, smiley face, cross, and ampersand are select available characters.  To request a graphical symbol please type "symbol: Heart, Smiley Face, Cross, or Ampersand" (i.e. for the message "IKayla's Place" type "I symbol:Heart Kayla's Place").   Fill out the order form for the custom message to be inscribed on the picket; then Pay by Credit Card the minimum custom picket donation of $40.  Once your credit card payment of $40 is confirmed, your custom picket will be inscribed and mounted on the fence surrounding Kayla's Playground.  (Note:  A 4.75% service fee will be added to the donation amount when paid by phone.  A 3% service fee will be added for online payment transactions.) 

NOTE:  We are proud to be teamed up with Franklin High School to produce and install your custom pickets.  Because this is part of the education of our kids, pickets are produced and installed only during the following periods:

-Orders placed between October 28, 2020 & April 27, 2021 will be installed in June 2021.

-Orders placed between April 28, 2021 & October 27, 2021 will be installed early November 2021.

-Orders placed between October 28, 2021 & April 27, 2022 will be installed in June 2022.

The City of Franklin reserves the right to reject any inappropriate custom picket message submissions.    

INSTALLATION NOTE:  There needs to be at least 15 pickets ordered within the following time periods to offer the students a learning opportunity.  In the event there are not enough picket orders to fulfill the 15-picket requirement within a given time period, the orders which remain will automatically be moved into the next ordering and installation timeframe and the City of Franklin will notify the purchasers of the delay.  Thank you for your understanding as we offer the students of Franklin High School this hands-on learning opportunity. 

For Monetary Donations for Kayla's Playground:

-Cash or check (made payable to the "City of Franklin") donations can be dropped off at the Treasurer's Office at Franklin City Hall, 9229 W. Loomis Road, Franklin, WI 53132. Check donations can also be mailed to the Treasurer's Office at the same address (please do not send cash through the mail).

-Monetary Donation via Credit Card 

The City of Franklin THANKS YOU for your donation towards Kayla's Playground - a spectacular tribute to Kayla, her family, Kayla's Krew, and the Franklin community as a whole!


Buy a Picket at Kayla's Playground!
$40/Custom Picket
See this page for details!

 Buy a Custom Picket for fence surrounding Kayla's Playground!  


Colored rendering of what Kayla's Playground will look like when built!

 Kayla's Playground
Franklin Woods Nature Park
3723 W. Puetz Road
Franklin, WI


Playground Features List

Pavilion Rental/
Group Scheduled Visit Info