Station No. 1 - 8901 W. Drexel Avenue

Fire Station No. 1 is the Department’s Headquarters and busiest fire station. The fire station is staffed with five personnel on a 24-hour basis and serves the area of the City north of Hilltop Lane and west of S. 68th Street. Station No. 1’s Paramedic Ambulance (Med-11) also provides primary Advanced Life Support response to the Village of Hales Corners. Med-11 is staffed with two State-certified paramedics. Station No. 1 also houses a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance staffed with two EMTs at minimum. When a call for a fire-related emergency is received, all four personnel respond in Engine 1. The Shift Commander (Battalion 2) is also housed and responds from Station No. 1. The Department’s administrative staff also works out of Station No. 1.


Station No. 2 - 9911 S. 60th Street

Fire Station No. 2 was opened in 2002 and serves the developing southern portion of the City. The fire station is staffed with two to three personnel on a 24-hour basis. The crew at Station No. 2 staffs a Paramedic Ambulance (Med-282), and responds in Truck 2 or Engine 2 (depending on location and building type) for structure fires. The Department’s brush fire apparatus and “Survive Alive” public education trailer are also housed at Fire Station No. 2.


Station No. 3 - 4755 W. Drexel Avenue

Station No. 3’s primary response area includes the area of the City north of Hilltop Lane and east of S. 68th Street. Fire Station No. 3 was first staffed on a full-time basis with two personnel starting in 1994. A new station was constructed in 2009, and since 2011 Station No. 3 has been staffed with four personnel, with two personnel staffing a BLS ambulance and two personnel staffing a paramedic ambulance. Both crews cross-staff Engine No. 3 when in quarters. Fire Station No. 3 also houses FFD’s ice and dive/rescue vehicle.




Fire Station No. 1



Fire Station No. 2

Franklin Fire Station No. 3, 4755 W. Drexel Avenue