Fire & Police Commission

The Fire and Police Commission consists of 5 citizens, 3 of whom constitutes a quorum.  Annually the Mayor appoints, between the last Monday of April and first Monday of May, 1 member for a 5-year term.  No appointment is made which will result in more than 3 members of the Board belonging to the same political party. 

Powers and Duties:

The Commission appoints the Chief of Police and the Chief of the Fire Department.  The Chiefs appoint subordinates who are subject to approval by the Commission.  The Commission adopts, and may repeal or modify, rules calculated to secure the best service in the Departments. 





Robert Donohoo, Chair 5 Years/4-30-22
Kathleen Schnagl 5 Years/4-30-18
James Sass 5 Years/4-30-19
David Lindner 5 Years/4-30-20
Ray Lenz 5 Years/4-30-21
Staff Support: Dana Zahn, Human Resources Coordinator  
Custodian of Records: Sandra Wesolowski, City Clerk  


















Meeting Date: Scheduled as Needed

Meeting Time: Varies

Meeting Location:
Hearing Room
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road
Please direct agenda questions to:
Human Resources Department


2017 Meeting Dates 

March 23 Agenda Minutes
April 26 Agenda Minutes
May 30 Agenda Minutes
June 21 Cancelled  
June 29 Agenda Minutes
July 27 Agenda Minutes
August 16 Agenda Minutes
November 4 Agenda Minutes
November 30 Agenda Minutes
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