Fire Safety Tips

Asbestos Exposure Danger

Learn the history of asbestos use, the products that contained asbestos, and the risks associated with handling asbestos.
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Candle Safety Tips

The top 5 days for home candle fires are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and Halloween.  Follow these safety tips when burning candles.  
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Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide is an invisible, odorless, colorless gas created when fuels burn incompletely.  Be sure to know the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning.
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Escape Plan

Tips for creating and practicing a home fire escape plan.
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Fire Extinguishers

A portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property but they do have limitations.  The number one priority should be to get out safely.  Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher.
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Smoke Alarms

Having a working smoke alarm cuts the chances of dying in a reported fire in half.
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Seasonal Safety

Winter/Holiday Safety Tips
Christmas Tree Safety Tips
Grilling Safety Tips
Halloween Safety Tips 

Washer & Dryer Safety Tips

The leading cause of home clothes dryer and washer fires is failure to clean them.  Follow these safety tips.
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Visit the National Fire Protection Association Website for more "safety tip" information on other topics.  

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