Rules of Community Supervision

The following Rules of Community Supervision were developed and applied by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The Franklin Police Department has no authority or involvement in the development of these rules. Questions and violations should be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Division of Community Corrections at (608)240-5830. Violations of rules are considered serious. Prompt response to all violations by sex offenders is an essential element of supervision. Violations, which may be considered minor for other types of offenders, are often serious for sex offenders. Seemingly insignificant violations may support or be closely related to the offender's pattern for sexually deviant behavior. For sex offenders, even "minor" rule violations may warrant revocation. Protection of the public and potential victims is the primary concern.

The below Rules of Community Supervision may not be all inclusive to each individual sex offender.  If there are other Rules of Community Supervision that apply they are posted on the sex offender's profile page.  Further, if the sex offender's supervision has been terminated, these Rules of Community Supervision do not apply.

  1. You shall avoid all conduct which is in violation of federal or state statutes, municipal or county ordinances, tribal laws or which is not in the best interest of the public's welfare or your rehabilitation.  Some rules listed below are covered under this rule as conduct contrary to law and are listed for particular attention.
  2. You shall report all arrests or police contact to your agent within 72 hours.
  3. You shall make every effort to accept the opportunities and counseling offered by supervision.

    The confidentiality of drug and alcohol treatment records is protected by Federal laws   and regulations.  Generally programs you are involved in may not say to a person outside the Department of Corrections that an offender is attending the program, or disclose any information identifying him/her as a drug/alcohol abuser unless:  1) You consent in writing; or 2) The disclosure is allowed by a court order; or 3) The disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency or to  qualified personnel for research, audit, or program evaluation; or 4) You commit or threaten to commit a crime either at the program or against any person who works for the program.  Programs that contract with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections can release information to Wisconsin Department of Corrections staff.

    Violation of the Federal law and regulations by a program is a crime.  These regulations do not protect any information about suspected child abuse or neglect from being reported under state law to appropriate authorities.

    Refusal to sign the consent for releasing information, including placement for treatment, shall be considered a refusal of the program.

  4. You shall inform your agent of your whereabouts and activities as he/she directs.
  5. You shall submit a written report monthly and any other such relevant information as directed by your agent.
  6. You shall make yourself available for searches or tests ordered by your agent, including but not limited to urinalysis, breathalyzer, DNA collection and blood samples or search of residence or any property under your control.
  7. You shall not change residence or employment unless you get approval in advance from your agent, or in the case of emergency, notify your agent of the change within 72 hours.
  8. You shall not leave the State of Wisconsin unless you get approval and a travel permit in advance from your agent.
  9. You shall not purchase, trade, sell or operate a motor vehicle unless you get approval in advance from your agent.
  10. You shall not borrow money or purchase on credit unless you get approval in advance from your agent.
  11. You shall pay monthly supervision fees as directed by your agent in accordance with Wis. Stats. s.304.073 or s.304.074, DOC Administrative Rule Chapter 328.043 to 328.046 and shall comply with any department and/or vendor procedures regarding payment of fees.
  12. You shall not purchase, possess, own or carry any firearm or any weapon unless you get approval in advance from your agent.  Your agent may not grant permission to carry a firearm if you are prohibited from possessing a firearm under Wis. Stat. s. 941.29, Wisconsin Act 71, the Federal Gun Control Act (GCA), or any other state or federal law.
  13. You shall not, as a convicted felon, and until you have successfully completed the terms and conditions of your sentence, vote in any federal, state or local election as outlined in Wisconsin Statutes s.6.03(1)(b).
  14. You shall abide by all rules of any detention or correctional facility in which you may be confined.
  15. You shall provide true and correct information verbally and in writing, in response to inquiries by the agent.
  16. You shall report to your agent as directed for scheduled and unscheduled appointments.
  17. You shall submit to the polygraph (lie detector) examination process as directed by your agent in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code 332.15.
  18. You shall pay fees for the polygraph (lie detector) examination process as directed by your agent in accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code 332.17(5) and 332.18 and shall comply with any required Wisconsin Department of Corrections procedures regarding payment of fees.
  19. You shall follow any specific rules that may be issued by an agent to achieve the goals and objectives of your supervision.  The rules may be modified at any time, as appropriate.
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