Bike Licensing

Why It Is Important to License Your Bicycle

Franklin Municipal Code Chapter 87 requires all bicycles that are operated upon streets, highways, and/or alleys, within the city, are to be licensed. Failure to obtain a license for a bicycle, which is operated on city streets and highways, is a violation and could result in a citation and fine.

The Franklin Police Department recovers numerous bicycles throughout the year and in most cases there is no way to know who owns them. These bicycles then go to auction and are sold. Licensing of bicycles benefits the owners, because lost or stolen bicycles that are recovered can be identified and returned.

This year the license fee is $2.50. The term of the license is 5 years (2010-2014), and the cost will decrease by .50 annually. License forms can be obtained at the Franklin Police Department, 9455 W. Loomis Rd. The following information is required for the license: owner's name, address, make of bicycle, frame size and type, wheel size, serial number, and color.

Each registration card also has a space for emergency contact information. Bicyclists, especially children, usually do not carry any information regarding their identity. Providing this information may assist Law Enforcement in notifying family members if the cyclist is injured.


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