Comprehensive Master Plan

The Comprehensive Master Plan documents set forth the City of Franklin's vision for its future development.  These plans address issues such as population, natural resource features, land use, zoning, development objectives, transportation, parks, public sewer and water, among other issues.  Below are links to the originally adopted Comprehensive Master Plan (1992), Area's 2, 3, and 4, Area C, the Crossroads Trade Area Plan, the 27th Street Corridor Plan, and the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, all of which have been adopted by reference into the 2025 City of Franklin Comprehensive Master Plan.  These adopted plans are used as a guide for future development in the City of Franklin.

2025 Comprehensive Master Plan

The City's 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan sets forth goals, objectives, policies, standards, guidelines, and recommendations for the growth, development, redevelopment, and preservation of the City of Franklin to the year 2025.

Safe Routes to School Plan

On November 15, 2011, the Franklin Common Council adopted Ordinance 2011-2061, An Ordinance to Amend the City of Franklin 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan to incorporate the Pleasant View Elementary Safe Routes to School Implementation Plan as a guideline reference within the Comprehensive Master Plan.

1992 Comprehensive Master Plan and Amendments

Chapters of the 1992 approved Comprehensive Master Plan and amendments.

Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2025

The City of Franklin Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan is a fundamental tool utilized in sound public park, open space, and recreational facilities planning practices and is a key element of community planning. It is an element of, and amendment and addition to, the City's Comprehensive Master Plan.

Crossroads Trade Area Regulating Plan

Planning and Design Institute, Inc., (PDI) was hired by the City of Franklin to develop a plan for the Crossroads Trade Area. The study area is located at the intersection of two state highways, STH 36 (Loomis Road) and STH 100.

27th Street Corridor Plan

The 27th Street Corridor Plan was initiated in order to ensure development occurs in a consistent and coordinated manner, to promote a diverse economic base to provide jobs, goods, and services to residents, and to provide a healthy, diverse property tax base.