Board of Health

The Board of Health is comprised of 9 members which include the Health Officer, Sanitarian, an Alderperson, and 6 citizen members.  The Health Officer and Sanitarian are ex officio, nonvoting members of the Board by reason of their respective offices.  All other members of the Board, including the Alderperson, are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council for 2-year terms.  The Alderperson serves only during his or her tenure in office.

Powers and Duties:

The Board of Health performs all such duties as are prescribed for it by law, by the rules and regulations of the State Department of Health and Social Services, and by the Ordinances of the City and assumes the care and supervision of health and sanitary conditions in the schools and has general administration of health work in the City.  

The Board takes such measures and makes such rules and regulations as are most effectual for the preservation of the public health.  All orders and regulations are published in the Official Newspaper of the City after approval by the Common Council.  They have the force and effect of ordinances, including penalties for violation. 




Alderman Mike Barber 4-30-19
Dr. Henry Wengelewski, Chair 2 Years/4-30-19
Lori O'Neil 2 Years/4-30-20
David Gustitus 2 Years/4-30-20
Wayne Hustad 2 Years/4-30-19
Renee Fuller 2 Years/4-30-20
Patricia Nissen 2 Years/4-30-19
Dr. Patricia Golden, Medical Advisor  
Staff Support: Bill Wucherer, Health Officer  











Meeting Date: 2nd Monday of the Month

Meeting Time: 7 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Health Wing
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road
Please direct agenda questions to:
Health Department


2018 Meeting Dates 

January 8 Agenda Minutes
February 12 Cancelled  
March 12 Cancelled  
April 9 Agenda Minutes
May 14 Agenda Minutes
June 11 Cancelled  
July 9 Cancelled  
August 13 Cancelled  
September 10 Agenda Minutes
October 8 Agenda Minutes
November 12 Agenda Minutes
December 10 Agenda Minutes


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