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Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Effective November 1, 2011, Act 35 will go into effect.  The purpose of this Act is to provide an opportunity for Wisconsin citizens to lawfully carry in a concealed manner, the following weapons: a handgun, an electric weapon, a knife other than a switchblade knife, or a Billy club.  Act 35 and Wisconsin State statute 175.60 have items in the law that effect business owners and their rights. 

A business owner or property owner can limit or prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons on its premises.  However, these prohibitions typically do not extend to parking areas.  To prohibit a Carrying Concealed Licensee from legally carrying on the premises, the business or property owner must post signs in prominent places near all the entrances to the building or grounds where the restriction applies. The signage must be at least five inches by seven inches that state, at a minimum, the restriction on carrying a firearm. 

The signs would only restrict the carrying of concealed weapons by license holders and not Law Enforcement.  This means that an employer may prohibit an employee from carrying a concealed weapon or a particular type of concealed weapon, in the course of the employee’s employment or during any part of the course of the employee’s employment. This prohibition cannot apply to an employee’s car parked in the employer’s parking lot.  ( See below for sample of signage )

For those businesses that are Class “B” licensed to sell or consume alcoholic beverages, unless otherwise prohibited by the property owner, it is legal for any carrying concealed licensee to be on the premises, so long as they are not consuming alcoholic beverages.

Wisconsin Department of Justice Concealed Carry FAQs

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