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Permit Applications

The below applications are available for your convenience, however, please note the Planning Department requires that applicants schedule a pre-application meeting to sit down with City of Franklin staff to discuss the project and all materials that will be needed before the application can be submitted.  No applications will be accepted without at least one pre-application meeting. Please contact the Planning Department at 414-425-4024 or E-Mail to schedule a pre-application meeting.

All applications are available only in Adobe Acrobat form (pdf).  Some applications are formfillable; others are not, but will all be in the very near future.  If you do not have Adobe on your system, you must download this product before you will be able to open up any of the applications.


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  Area Exception

For exceptions to certain requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance. Requires a public hearing and review by the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning & Building Appeals.

Area Exception Permit Application

  Building Move

Process of moving a building/structure from one parcel to another.

Building Move Application

  Comprehensive Master Plan Amendment

Process for changes to the City of Franklin 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan.

Comprehensive Master Plan Amendment Application

  Concept Review

Allows for a general staff review and comments from the Common Council.  Only preliminary plans are required.

Concept Review Application

  Certified Survey Map

Process of creating no more than 4 parcels of land.

Certified Survey Map Application

  Final Plat Condominium Plat

The second step to creating a subdivision of 4 or more parcels of land.

Final Subdivision Plat Application
Final Condominium Plat Application

  Home Occupation Office

For property owners who would like to run low intensity businesses out of their home.

Home Occupation Application
UDO Section 15-3.0802(F)
UDO Section 15-3.0802(G)

  Land Combination

Process of combining two parcels of land to be used as though they were one parcel without regard to lot lines for development purposes.

Land Combination Application

  Minor Site Plan Amendment

For minor changes to a site or building.  Requires staff approval only.

Minor Site Plan Amendment Application

  Minor Variance

For appeals from the decision of the Zoning Administrator and the Building Inspector with regard to accessory buildings 150 square feet or less in area, decks and fences.

Minor Variance Application
Minor Variance Findings/Factors
Questions for Applicant
Affidavit for Minor Variance

  Miscellaneous Application

For miscellaneous processes.

Miscellaneous Application

  Natural Resource Special Exception

For exceptions to Unified Development Ordinance natural resources protection standards.  Requires a public hearing and review by the Environmental Commission, Plan Commission, and Common Council.

Natural Resource Special Exception Application
Questions & Answer Form       

  Planned Development District (PDD) Application

Planned Development Districts create a new zoning district which is approved similar to the rezoning process.

Planned Development District (PDD) Application

  Plat Affidavit of Correction

For correcting errors on plats.

Plat Affidavit of Correction Application

  Preliminary Plat

Process of creating more than 4 parcels of land.

Preliminary Plat Application


A proposed change from one zoning district to another.

Rezoning Application

  Right-Of-Way Vacation

For requests to vacate public right-of-way. 

Right-of-Way Vacation Application

  Sign Code Variance & Appeals

For exceptions to certain requirements of the Municipal Code Sign Ordinance. Requires a public hearing and review by the Board of Zoning & Building Appeals.

Sign Code Variance & Appeals Application

  Sign Review

For approval of signage specifically for a subdivision, residential, PDD 7, and PDD 18. All other commercial signage is approved through the Inspection Department.

Sign Review Application

  Site Plan/Site Plan Amendment

For developments that are permitted in their respective zoning district. Requires review and approval by the Plan Commission only.

Site Plan/Site Plan Amendment Application

  Special Use/Special Use Amendment

For developments that are permitted as a special use in their respective zoning district.  Requires a public hearing held by the Plan Commission and Common Council review and approval.

Special Use/Special Use Amendment

  Temporary Use

Allows for the temporary use of commercial lands.

Temporary Use

  UDO Text Amendment

Process for modifying text within the Unified Development Ordinance.

UDO Text Amendment Application

  Variance & Appeals

For exceptions to certain requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance.  Requires a public hearing and review by the Board of Zoning & Building Appeals.

Variance & Appeals Application
Variance Findings/Factors
Variance Findings/Factors-Land Division

  Zoning Compliance

For permitted uses/businesses which are moving into an existing building.

Zoning Compliance Application