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Picket Message Form

Buy a Custom Picket for Kayla's Playground!

To make a minimum donation of $40 by credit card for a custom picket for the fence surrounding Kayla's Playground, please follow the below instructions:

-Type in your name, address, phone, and email address in the boxes provided.  Please make sure your name matches the name on the credit card that will be used for payment so order forms can be matched with appropriate credit card payments.

-Type in your custom message to be inscribed on the picket in the box below following these requirements:

  1. Your message can be a maximum of 17 characters which includes letters, numbers, and spaces.
  2. A heart, smiley face, cross, and ampersand are select available graphical characters that can be used and count as 1 character.
  3. To request a graphical symbol, please type "symbol: Heart, Smiley Face, Cross, or Ampersand" (i.e., for the message "I  Kayla's Place" you would type "I symbol:Heart Kayla's Place" in the box below).

-Once you submit this form, please return to the instruction page to complete your credit card payment of the minimum donation of $40.  Once your credit card payment is confirmed, your custom picket will be inscribed and mounted on the fence surrounding Kayla's Playground.







Email Address: 


Type custom message here: 




  1. The City of Franklin reserves the right to reject any inappropriate custom picket message submissions.
  2. Donations are tax exempt and tax deductible.
  3. A 4.75% service fee will be added to the donation amount when paid by phone.  A 3% service fee will be added for online payment transactions.
  4. We are proud to be teamed up with Franklin High School to produce and install your custom pickets.  Because this is part of the education of our kids, pickets are produced and installed only during the following periods:

-Orders placed between April 28, 2018 & October 27, 2018 will be installed early November 2018.

-Orders placed between October 28, 2018 & April 27, 2019 will be installed in June 2019.

-Orders placed between April 28, 2019 & October 26, 2019 will be installed early November 2019.

INSTALLATION NOTE:  There needs to be at least 15 pickets ordered within the following time periods to offer the students a learning opportunity.  In the event there are not enough picket orders to fulfill the 15-picket requirement within a given time period, the orders which remain will automatically be moved into the next ordering and installation timeframe and the City of Franklin will notify the purchasers of the delay.  Thank you for your understanding as we offer the students of Franklin High School this hands-on learning opportunity.

Thank you for your donation towards Kayla's Playground!