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Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family

A building permit is required to construct any new building, add to an existing building, alter the interior/exterior of an existing building, and/or perform repairs or modifications that involve structural components. 

Please contact Inspection Services PRIOR to applying for a building permit.  All projects must have all the required City approvals in place (contact the Department of City Development for approvals that will be necessary) before application is accepted.  Building permit submittals must be submitted with all the information required/listed on the handout below, including the plan review fee.  INCOMPLETE SUBMITTALS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

(please click on the links below to access the forms)

Handout - Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family

City of Franklin Building Permit Application

Water Impact Fee Form     

Sewer/Water Connection Fees

SBD-118 Form 

MMSD Notice of Intent Form and Instructions

COMM 63 Building Envelope & Lighting Worksheets

Schedule of Building Permit Fees 

Grade Certification Form

Information on Plat of Survey Requirements