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City of Franklin Wisconsin
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Sharps Disposal

Sharps DisposalWisconsin law requires proper disposal of sharps, needles, syringes, syringes with medication, lancets, and unused epinephrine used at home for people or pets.  Sharps must be collected in appropriate containers and taken to collection sites for safe disposal.

Where:  The Franklin Health Department is a Sharps Collection Station for Franklin residents only

Only Accepted Containers:

  1. Biohazard Containers/Red SHARPS containers are recommended to collect sharps.  The Franklin Health Department sells biohazard containers at cost as a service to the community.  We accept cash or check only.
  2. Thick-walled, plastic laundry detergent containers with a screw-top lid.  These containers must have a biohazard label applied before use.  Biohazard labels are available free for Franklin residents who use detergent containers to collect sharps.





Franklin Health Dept.

9229 W. Loomis Road
M-F, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone:  414-425-9101
Fax:  414-427-7539
After Hours Call:  414-425-2522


Lauren Gottlieb, MPH, CHES
Dir. of Health & Human Services
Carol Sibilski, BSN, RN
Public Health Nurse
Kim Kringel, BSN, RN
Public Health Nurse
Jamie Kopera, BSN, RN
Public Health Nurse
Amy Kremski, BSN, RN
Public Health Nurse
Ellen Henry, BS, CHES
Public Health Specialist
Megan Conway, BS, CHES
Drug-Free Community Coalition Coordinator
Angela Beyer, BS, RS
Environmental Health Specialist
Jamie Kinzel, RS, MPH
Environmental Health Specialist 
Allie Crissey
Administrative Clerk


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