Senior Dining

The Franklin City Hall Community Room (9229 W. Loomis Road) hosts Senior Dining — brought to you through the diligent work of the Franklin Senior Citizens and the Milwaukee County Department on Aging.   This program is managed by S.E.T. Ministry. 

What is Senior Dining?

Once known as the Elderly Nutrition Program or the Senior Meal Program, Senior Dining has been a part of the fiber in Milwaukee County for more than 40 plus years.  Since 1973, this program has been serving meals to adults 60+ years old in various community settings.  The program receives funding from the State of Wisconsin's Bureau on Aging, Title 111-C of the Federal Older Americans Act, and contributions from seniors in our community.

What is the Cost?

Each senior is asked to contribute $3 per meal.  If this contribution amount is a hardship for you, please give whatever you can. 

What is on the Menu?       

The menus must meet Federal guidelines for nutritional and calorie content.  A wide variety of foods that equal 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamins A & C and Calcium are offered.  Menus are posted at the meal sites and take home copies are available.  (July 2018 Menu / August 2018 Menu)

How do I Sign Up? 

Each diner must sign up by completing a Registration Card, which requires a Driver's License or a Senior Citizen ID card.  You will then receive a Diner's Card with a Diner Number that you may use to dine at any of the Milwaukee County Senior Dining Meal locations.  All diners must place a reservation at least 1 day in advance for the date they wish to dine.  Reservations may be placed in person or by phone (427-7696) from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. weekdays.  All meals ordered for the following day are based on the number of meals recorded on the reservation list.  If you have not placed a reservation, you may not be able to dine.

To register or make a reservation call:

Franklin Community Room/Senior Dining 

July 2018 Menu / August 2018 Menu