Operation Identification

Operation Identification is an anti-burglary and theft program designed to help you prevent theft of your property.  It also assists the Franklin Police Department to return your property to you in the event it is stolen.

Operation Identification has two parts.  First, you mark all your valuables so that they can be identified as yours.  Second, you display a sticker that tells burglars that you have identified your property.

What makes Operation Identification program so effective in reducing burglary in areas where it has been properly implemented is that burglars and thieves know it is difficult to sell stolen articles that can be traced to them and that they run a greater risk of being caught and convicted if readily identifiable items of someone else's property are found in their possession.

Participation in the program simply involves picking up one of the "free loan" engravers at the Franklin
Police Department. You then list the items you wish to protect by name, full description, serial and model number, and value on an inventory sheet.  Then engrave your drivers license number on the items and list that location on the sheet as well.  Keep the inventory sheet in a safe place with your other valuable papers.

For more information, or to pick up an engraver, contact Officer Jon Czerwinski at 414-425-2522.

Operation Identification Theft Program
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Operation Identification
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