rug Abuse Resistance Education

The Franklin Police Department DARE program is offered to all 5th grade students in Franklin Public Schools as part of their health education program. One parochial school, St. Martin of Tours, also participates. Trained Franklin police officers have been providing the DARE program to students since 1989. Officers teach the curriculum as part of their regular duty assignment. In Franklin Public Schools, DARE is one component of a more comprehensive K–12 effort to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. DARE is funded by the district Drug Free Schools & Communities Entitlement grant and donations.  Here is a brief description of the DARE Lessons.

Students will be able to:

#1 – Purpose & Overview of DARE

Explain the steps in the DARE Decision Making Model – Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate.

#2 – Tobacco & You

Identify harmful effects of tobacco to the body, correct personal misconceptions about tobacco use, and apply the DARE Decision-Making Model.

#3 – Smoke Screen

Draw conclusions regarding the impact of advertising on the sale of alcohol, compare and contrast the effects of marijuana and tobacco on the body, and practice use of the DARE Decision Making Model.

#4 – Alcohol & You

Identify harmful effects of alcohol to the body and brain, recognize personal misconceptions about alcohol, and practice use of the DARE Decision-Making Model.

#5 – The Real Truth

Identify harmful effects of inhalants on the body, recognize the powerful effects of alcohol advertising, and identify five alternatives to drug use.

#6 – Friendship Foundations

Describe qualities of positive friendships and social support networks, and use the DARE Decision-Making Model to respond to peer pressure.

#7 – Putting It Together

Identify five ways to refuse drug offers, demonstrate confident response styles in refusing drug offers, and apply the Decision Making process to health issues and problems.

#8 – Personal Action

Demonstrate decision making skills regarding internal pressure situations, and compose a report stating what they have learned in DARE and how they plan to use it in the future.

#9 – Practice! Practice! Practice!

Students will present five healthy ways to express needs, wants and feelings, and practice refusal and negotiation skills to enhance health.

#10 – DARE Culmination Lesson

Students will participate in a DARE culminating activity, which recognizes individual achievement and reinforces knowledge and skills they have learned.  Parents invited to attend!


Officer Melissa Tromp
Ben Franklin School
  Country Dale School
Pleasant View School
Officer Joseph Demotto
Robinwood  School
St. Martin of Tours School
Southwood Glen School



Program Coordinator:
Paulette Kroll
of Pupil Services
Franklin Public Schools
8255 W. Forest Hill Ave.

Franklin, WI 53132
(414) 525-7636
Comments from Franklin Parents
on the DARE Program. . .

"We already had a strong commitment established in our home before the program, but DARE reinforced this greatly."

"It is so much easier to talk about this subject or bring it up because I can start with, "so what did you learn in DARE today?"

"It's important for a child to be prepared for the future in school and life, especially when it comes to alcohol and drugs.  The program also lets the children know that they have support from their parents and the community."

"I love the Dare program because it also teaches me. I can ask questions and my 5th grader loves to tell us her knowledge on this."