CORP Update

City of Franklin Draft CORP Update

Introduction & Background

The City of Franklin’s current Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2025 (CORP) was adopted by the Common Council on April 4, 2011, as an element of the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan. 

In regard to updates and modifications, the CORP states that “…a plan could be modified, if need be, to meet changing conditions or to correct errors.” It further states “Modification of an adopted Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan should not be done without careful study and valid reasons.” It concludes that “A significant update to this Plan every five years, therefore, may be a sufficient response to changing conditions or public attitudes.” 

The City of Franklin has applied for an amendment to the City of Franklin 2025 Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan to incorporate updated changes1 to the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, including, but not limited to:

  • the addition of a Specialized Recreational Area (special park) north of West Loomis Road (State Highway 36) and east of 116thStreet at approximately 11120 West Loomis Road to serve the community’s need for an all-accessible and all-inclusive playground and provide for passive recreational opportunities and environmental education on adjacent conservancy lands;
  • the addition of 10,820 lineal feet of additional trailway to the City’s existing trail network to reflect the Common Council’s direction at their June 4, 2013 meeting to include these improvements within the impact fee calculations for the 2013 Park Impact Fee Update;
  • replacing a 2010 Department of Administration (DOA) population projection of 33,900 with the 2010 U.S. Census population of 35,451 and incorporating updated DOA population projections to guide and properly target the City’s recreational needs through the year 2030 and beyond. 

The City of Franklin’s eligibility for outdoor recreation grants including Stewardship Local Assistance Grants, Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants and Recreational Trails Grants expired on December 31stof 2012. A letter from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources dated January 27, 2012 stated, “I am, however suggesting that you consider further updating of the Plan in the near future to include more current Census data, now available, and projection relating to the City’s population data and demographic trends. This in turn may possibly affect the needs analysis section of the Plan.” Therefore, adoption of the proposed Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Update is required for the City to regain eligibility for Outdoor Recreation Grants administered through the WDNR. The Department of City Development recently sent a letter to the WDNR requesting interim eligibility for outdoor recreation grants while the City continues to work on the proposed CORP update. 

For these reasons and others, City staff determined that it would be appropriate to begin an update of the City’s Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP). That effort was initiated in the winter of 2013 with the study and collection of various data, and concluded with the preparation of a draft plan in November 2014. 

On December 8, 2014, the Parks Commission recommended adoption of the draft City of Franklin Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2030 and recommended incorporation of the Plan as part of the Comprehensive Master Plan. 

A public hearing on adoption of the CORP Update as an amendment to the City of Franklin 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan has been scheduled for the January 6, 2014, Common Council meeting. 

Staff Recommendation

City Development staff recommend that the Plan Commission forward a recommendation of approval of the City of Franklin Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2030 to the Common Council, along with a recommendation to incorporate the Plan into the Comprehensive Master Plan, subject to such changes as the Plan Commission may determine (a draft resolution to that effect is also attached to this staff report).


1Please note these changes have the largest impact on Chapters 2, 5, 7 and 9 of the draft CORP. However, each chapter has at least some minor changes associated with it.