2025 Comprehensive Master Plan

Prepared by:

PDI/GRAEF, RA Smith National,
Cedarburg Science, and the City of Franklin


The City of Franklin Common Council adopted the City of Franklin 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan on October 21, 2009.  The Plan provides a framework for the future growth and development of the City and was enacted to meet the requirements of Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning Legislation.  The 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan focuses on the following elements: Issues and Opportunities; Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources; Economic Development; Land Use; Housing; Transportation; Utilities & Community Facilities; and Intergovernmental Cooperation.

In addition to the identification of goals, objectives, policies, standards, guidelines, and recommendations as they relate to each element, the City of Franklin 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan also provides numerous suggestions and recommendations of topics for further study.  The 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan will be used to direct future actions of the City as they relate to planning, zoning, land division, and official mapping.  The Plan will be reviewed and amended over time, providing specific opportunities for the reaffirmation, prioritization, and pursuit of such actions, the results of which will be incorporated in the Plan as determined by the Common Council (see below Ordinances that revise the 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan).  It is intended that the City's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) will be consistent with, but not identical to, the Plan.

Copies of the 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan are available for the public to review or purchase at the Department of City Development, located at 9229 W. Loomis Road, Franklin, WI 53132.  In addition, a large format 2025 Future Land Use Map is available in our office for the public to review.


Ordinances Revising the 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan:

Ordinance 2010-2019 (Incorporating the Milwaukee County Trails Network)
Ordinance 2010-2020 (Changing Proposed Use from Commercial to Institutional)
Ordinance 2010-2023 (Incorporating Minor Technical Corrections)
Ordinance 2010-2029 (Designating Parcel 1 of CSM 6612 for Agricultural Use)
Ordinance 2011-2039 (Incorporating the Outdoor Recreation Plan: 2025)
Ordinance 2011-2040 (Changing Future Land Use Map for PDD No. 31)
Ordinance 2011-2048 (Changing Future Land Use Map for 11255 W St Martins Rd)
Ordinance 2011-2061 (Incorporating the Pleasant View Elementary Safe Routes 
                                 to School Implementation Guide)
Ordinance 2012-2090 (Change Future Land Use Map for Crossroads Trade Area)
Ordinance 2013-2106 (Change Future Land Use Map for 9733 S. 76th St. Area)
Ordinance 2013-2109 (Change Future Land Use Map for 7120-7400 W Puetz Rd)
Ordinance 2013-2124 (Change Future Land Use Map for 11120 W. Loomis Road)
Ordinance 2015-2160 (Change CORP for the addition of All-Inclusive Playground)
Ordinance 2015-2162 (Change Future Land Use Map for 9201 W. Drexel Avenue)
Ordinance 2015-2191 (Change Future Land Use Map for 9000 S. 68th Street)
Ordinance 2015-2192 (Change Future Land Use Map for 9150 S. 80th Street) 
Ordinance 2016-2211 (Change Future Land Use Map for 7900 W. Crystal Ridge Dr)

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Introduction-Provides an introduction to the City and describes the comprehensive planning process.

Chapter 2

Issues & Opportunities-Includes detailed background information about the City of Franklin and describes how the City intends to guide future development and redevelopment over a 20-year planning period.

Chapter 3

Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources-Describes how the City intends to conserve and promote the effective management of cultural and agricultural natural resources.

Chapter 4

Economic Development-Includes a compilation of programs to promote the stabilization, retention, or expansion of the City's economic base and quality employment opportunities and includes information pertaining to a labor force analysis, surveys and background data, a retail analysis, etc.

Chapter 5

Land Use-Serves to guide the future development and redevelopment of public and private property in Franklin.  2025 Future Land Use Map

Chapter 6

Housing-Describes how the City will achieve an adequate housing supply that meets existing and forecasted housing demand in Franklin.

Chapter 7

Transporation-Guides the future development of the various modes of transportation in the City.

Chapter 8

Utilities & Community Facilities-Guides the future development of utilities and community facilities in Franklin.

Chapter 9

Intergovernmental Cooperation-Describes how the City will conduct joint planning and decision-making with other jurisdictions.

Chapter 10

Implementation-Provides a summary of the major recommendations contained within the Plan, as well as identification of responsible parties and a priority for implementation of each recommendation.


Appendix A: Resolutions & Ordinances

Appendix B: Public Comment

Appendix C: City of Franklin, Demographic Variables and Comparisons

Appendix D: City Planning Survey 2005 - Citywide Results

Appendix E: Design Preference Survey: Citywide Results

Appendix F: Data Parameters for the Natural & Agricultural Resource Assessment in Franklin

Appendix G: Agricultural, Hydric Soils, Linkages, and Natural Resource Maps

Planning Area A
Planning Areas B & C
Planning Area C
Planning Area D
Planning Area E
Planning Area F
Planning Area G
Planning Area H & I

Appendix H: Trade Area Market Profile Reports & Retail Marketplace Profiles 2005

Appendix I: Pre-Sanitary Sewer Land Use/Zoning, Land Division, and Public Services Policy for the Southwestern Portion of the City of Franklin, and Associated Documentation