Compliance Checks

The Franklin Health Department conducts tobacco compliance checks in partnership with the Wisconsin WINS campaign, Department of Health Services Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. The Franklin Health Department receives a small grant to offset the costs of doing compliance checks. Teens volunteer to complete the bi-annual checks with the Franklin Health Department to assure compliance with the law related to sale of tobacco to minors in Franklin.  All establishments that sell tobacco products are eligible to be checked.  The clerks that comply with the law and do not sell tobacco to minors during the checks are each sent a $5 movie theater gift card as a reward.  If the clerk does make an illegal sale, the clerk and business are subjected to receive municipal citations. 

Educating businesses about the law is part of the Wisconsin WINS program. The goal of the program is to have the clerks know the law and not sell tobacco to minors.  In fact, information about the Department of Health Services Tobacco Program Clerk Training module, found at, is sent to all the tobacco vendors in Franklin.  More information about Wisconsin WINS is available at

The Franklin Health Department will continue to provide educational materials to tobacco vendors in our City.  We will also continue to check for compliance with the law.